Retinol Antiox Defense

Anti-aging retinol balm that improves skin texture and controls damage from free radicals and environmental exposure to improve skin texture, with up to 100% less retinol discomfort
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● Gentle 0.2% free retinol with 0.5% efficacy and up to 100% less irritation

● Greater retinol safety, comfort and stability, improved penetration and up to 48-hour sustained release

● Bidens pilosa extract triggers the proliferation of more retinol
receptors increasing efficacy while maximizing patient comfort

● Universal protection against aging while decreasing free radical damage from the elements of: oxygen, carbon and nitrogen

● Intensive approach to controlling the aging process and increasing skin barrier integrity

● Decreased appearance of wrinkles and fine lines combined with greater skin feel perception

● Cell boost that increases turnover and new cells proliferation

● Up to 93% physiological antioxidant (SOD) defense stimulus

How To Use

Apply once a day, preferably at night, or as directed by your physician.
Apply to the face and neck, massaging gently with circular movements.  1-2 pumps.