Enhancing Procedure Results, Drop by Drop

Concentrated solutions formulated with classic and innovative
ingredients that target specific therapeutic pathways to provide
better results when applied immediately after procedures.
U.SK Skin Savers are sterilized and indicated for use in
combination with procedures only in physician's
offices to ensure maximum safety.

Improved Penetration and Targeted Delivery

To reach the precise therapeutic target, U.SK Skin Savers employseveral technologies that improve the penetration of these substances,allowing them to take action on the exact
bio-molecular pathway necessary to enhance the results of your procedure.

Acting on the various factors that lead to acne, U.SK Acne quicklycontrols the micro-biome, reduces oiliness, redness and the appearanceof inflammation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

When performing procedures on sensitive skin or skin sensitized byprocedures, U.SK Hydra immediately hydrates and soothes the skin,reducing discomfort and accelerating the post procedure recovery time.

Hair loss is a frequent complaint that affects both men and women. U.SKHair helps to reverse this hair loss, improving the anchoring, thicknessand density of the strands.

Over time, the skin loses elasticity and luminosity and wrinkles andexpression lines appear. U.SK Age fights the visible signs of aging,restoring the appearance of hydration and smooth skin, rich in collagen.

The degradation of elastic fibers, such as collagen and elastin, isperceived externally as loss of elasticity and firmness. U.SK Firmnessstimulates the replacement of these elastic fibers, restoring theappearance of firm, youthful skin.

Developed to prevent and improve the appearance of melasma andhyperpigmentation, U.SK Clarify is formulated with ingredients that worksynergistically, to ensure improved efficacy of treatments used to eventhe appearance of skin tone, pigmentation and luminosity.