Precious Elixir Infusion Platinum

Restorative Elixir to control the aging effects of hormonal conditions and dry or menopausal skin, featuring transforming growth factor Beta (TGF-ß) combined with peptides which improve skin thickness, moisture, strength, and elasticity.
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● Reduces hormonal aging effects

● Strengthens cellular immunity

● Increases skin thickness by reducing the loss of proteins and stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin

● 10% increase in hydration by preventing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)

● 100% reduction in wrinkles and expression lines around the eyes

● 91% improvement in firmness, skin rejuvenation and skin laxity

● Wrinkle reduction

● Decrease dullness skin appearance and improve skin brightness

● 92% increase in firmness and reduction of laxity

How To Use

Corrective anti-aging:

Apply 1-2 drops, once or twice per day (AM or PM) In the morning, apply after cleansing/toning routine and prior to serums, creams, balms, leave on cream masks and SPF