Precious Elixir Colloidal Gold

Collagen and elastin boosting elixir featuring Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, heptapeptide- 9 and gold to increase firmness, luminocity and intracellular communication, repair damaged skin and promoteantioxidant and anti-glycant activity.
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● Increases skin firmness and elasticity through the production of collagen (type I and III) and elastin

● Delivers trace minerals which optimize biochemical pathways and aid in conducting bioenergy

● Improves skin brightness and texture

● Antioxidant activity doubly stimulated (SOD

● Wrinkle reduction

● Decrease dullness skin appearance and improve skin brightness

● 92% increase in firmness and reduction of laxity

How To Use

Antioxidant and preventive anti-aging: Apply 1-2 drops, once a day (AM or PM)
Corrective anti-aging: 1-2 drops, twice a day (AM and PM)
 In the morning, apply after cleansing/toning routine and prior to serums, creams, balms, leave on cream masks and SPF