Welcome, U.SK Influencers, Skincare & Beauty Content Creators!

U.SK hand selects outstanding content creators who can help us spread the word about our science-driven products that deliver real results. We believe that a commitment to incorporating U.SK products into your daily skincare regime only takes sampling our products, and seeing the results that they deliver for yourself! If you have landed on this page, it means that you were invited to join our new influencer program.

How The Program Works:
Influencers with more than 5K followers are invited to select one of the two packages below filled with complimentary* products:

*You are only responsible for the cost of shipping. All products are complimentary, in exchange for your creating content to promote the products you try.

U.SK requests that in exchange for your receipt of the 4 premium products you’ll receive, you create at least one post and one story, sharing your feedback on the products, favorite formulas and their benefits, with your followers! Please make sure to tag us at @usk_usa and use
pertinent hashtags such as: #skincareroutine, #underskin, #usk, #bestskincare, #glowingskin, #antiaging, #besttoner, etc., when you share!

The U.SK influencers who publish the most creative content and whose content performs the best, will also receive additional free U.SK products, that you can share with their own followers!




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